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Automatic high security Encryption

Our Goal.

Securing your data with encryption doesn’t have to be hard (although it often times feels that way). This is a simple to use tool so you can store or transfer your data in the “cloud” with 100% confidence it is readable only for the intended recipient.


Highest level of encryption. Using keys of 1MB to 4GB, or even One-Time-Keys (>1TB) to make it impossible to crack.

Protect backups

Automatically make an encrypted backup when you connect specific hard disk.

Protects data on servers.

Data can be stored securely on insecure servers.

Secure file share

The files you share will only be readable by users that have the same key.

Man-in-the-middle protection.

Never worry about the man-in-the-middle. They can’t read or change the message.

Always synchronised.

Fast and easy synchronisation of encrypted version of your data. Set it and forget it with total automation.


Effortless high security for your data stored offline or “in the cloud”. Automatic synchronisation, compression and encryption. 

Try the Demo

Example of security problems solved.

Here are a few use-case examples.

Setup a simple encryption

Setting up a simple encryption that syncronize your data with an encrypted version of your data is easy.

Set custom key size

This example shows how to set a custom key size. It also shows that each encrypted file corresponds to one of the unecrypted files, but the file name is also encrypted.

Transfer data

This example shows how to transfer data between two computers. You have a server that don’t have enough room for everything you want to transfer (could be DropBox, Google Drive etc) or a service where you pay for the amount of data you store. The benefit of using transfer mode is when everything is transfered and verified, the data on the public server will be removed.

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    1. admin

      Thanks for letting me know. The issue is now fixed.
      From now on we are only selling from Apple AppStore. This version is also most secure because it runs in a sandbox without any internet access. The shareware version needs to have internet access to check license.

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