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how can I open a crypted file?

Please setup this following test so you understand the idea:

1) Create a folder with unencrypted files and a folder where your encrypted files will be stored.

2) In AutoEncrypt set the unencrypted and encrypted folder, and create a key. Click start.

Now there are an encrypted copy of each file.

3) In AutoEncrypt create a new "document" (CMD+N). Create a new unencrypted folder (different from the last one), but use the same encrypted folder and key. Click start

4) Now it will decrypt your encrypted files and place them in the new unencrypted folder.

5) Add a new file to your first unencrypted folder, you will see that it will propagate via encrypted folder to the new unencrypted folder. The files are automatically synchronized back and forth between unencrypted and encrypted form depending on which file is last changed.

When you have tested this and you understand the concept now lets set up a real case.

6) Move the encrypted folder to a Dropbox (or alternative) folder. Or a server accessible from two different computers. Or a USB disk etc….

7) On another computer you setup AutoEncrypt using exactly the same key and encryption folder in your Dropbox.

You will now see as Dropbox moves your files from computer 1 to computer 2 in encrypted form, that computer 2 will decrypt the files and place them in the folder you choose for your unencrypted files on that computer.

The files will synchronize both ways (unless you have made a folder read-only).

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